NorthStar MoonDancer- 2009 purerbed qualified colt for sale
NorthStar BumbleBea- 2015 purebred qualified colt
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Our focus is on producing quality registered foals from gaited Foundation Appaloosa bloodlines- what we term "Classic Appaloosas". In our opinion, these horses represent the best of the Appaloosa breed and they have the talent to excel in a variety of disciplines. Because of their many fine qualities, Classic Appaloosas are also a good choice in breeding programs seeking to improve overall ability, versatility, and soundness. All of our horses are registered with ApHC and/or CRHA. To ensure the integrity of our breeding program, we follow breeding practices consistent with the former International Purebred Appaloosa Association ( IPAA ). IPAA was the only association focused on producing bonified purebred Appaloosas.

After more than two decades of raising Appaloosas, we remain as committed to the breed as ever. However, time marches on and it seems as the years go by there are less hours in a day. In order to maintain our high standards for breeding, horse care, and training we have decided to reduce the size of our herd. These horses are the result of many years and up to five generations of our own stringent breeding program. Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to buy Appaloosas of the highest quality at reasonable prices!

FOR SALE: We have quality youngsters, riding horses and breeding stock for sale each year (a few may even have the rare Indian Shuffle gait). With our planned herd reduction most of our horses are currently available for purchase as listed in the "Sales Arena" section. Deliveries are available - please ask for details.

NEWS:  Updated July 18, 2015
We have three new colts for sale - a stiking black leopard, a terrific bay, and a tri-colored leopard!  Details will be posted soon but until then give us a call at 507-626-2048 or 507-629-4401 (after 5 PM CST),

STALLION SERVICE: We are offering stallion service from our IPAA purebred qualified homozygous black stallions, NorthStar BlackEagle.

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